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Shahrukh Khan’s daughter?

Suhana Khan, daughter of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan,

is one of the most popular star dotters in the industry. Suhnya, who is 17 years old, keeps herself away from the glamor world, but she often becomes the subject of discussion because of her stylish style. Suhana also comes in the headlines due to her branded and expensive clothes. Let us say, Suhana is currently pursuing further studies in London after finishing her 10th grade education from Dhirubhai Ambani School of Mumbai. After completing graduation, like father Shahrukh, he will also try his luck in films.

On Thursday, Shahrukh Khan is celebrating his 52nd birthday. A day before the Birthday, Suhana accompanied his mother Gauri Khan and friends Ananya Pandey and Shanya Kapoor to the Alibag Farmhouse. During this time, Suhana was imprisoned in media cameras at the Gateway of India. Suhana was wearing the Givenchy brand’s short sleeve t-shirt. The price of this white T-shirt that you see just plain in sight will leave your senses and OMG will only get out of your mouth. Yes, this T-shirt of Suhana is not 10-20 thousand but the whole Rs 50,219. Is of

There is no doubt that this dress was very beautiful on Suhna. The faces of the party are looking at the same top as well. Well wearing a 50 thousand for the Celebs and wearing them once is a common thing. But if we think like the common man, then these 50 thousand rupees What can we not do … 50 thousand rupees can come roaming the country like Bangkok, Bali and Bhutan. You can buy diamond ring for yourself. Girls can buy new 2 Wheeler with a few thousand and so on. And by buying dozens of favorites, you can also enjoy the Lavish’s party at a five-star hotel.

Well, a few days ago, Suhana Khan had come to see his “Secret Superstar” with his friends. Spotted out of a PVR with Shanya Kapoor and Ananya Pandey, Suhana wore denims with a white slavish top. He did not have 10-20 thousand rupees in his look, but the entire 64,000 thousand rupees Giuseppe’s Zanotti was full of boots