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south indian Raja The Great Telugu Movie Review, Rating

What Is Good

  • Ravi Teja
  • Screenplay
  • Music
  • Cinematography
  • Editing

What Is Bad

  • Some logic-less scenes
  • Routine role for female lead
  • Predictable
Bottom Line: Raja the Great is the perfect Diwali festive entertainer with ample doses of humor, action, and sentiments, making it a not to be missed fireworks on screen!!


Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, known for his typical humor sense and body language, and for delivering action packed masala entertainers laced with comedy in perfect doses, had been out of form, with his last hit being Balupu (2013).  2 Years after his last release, the average Bengal tiger, Ravi Teja is back on screens with Raja The Great directed by Anil Ravipudi of Pataas, Supreme fame in his Bhadra producer, Dil Raju’s production. Can the mass hero pull off a remarkable comeback success and gift audience a perfect Diwali treat? Here’s team AP Herald’s exclusive first on net review of Raja the Great.
The film revolves around a visually challenged guy Raja (Ravi Teja) who’s full of positivity and energy, besides a high level of intelligence. He lives with his mother, a constable (Radhika Sarathkumar), and soon he gets to meet the heroine Anantha Lakshmi (Mehreen), who’s hiding by changing her location after being troubled by the villain (Vivan Bhatena) and his gang. As Raja gets close to her, the villain also gets to know her whereabouts, and now Raja has to protect her as well as win her heart. How the visually challenged Raja wins the deadly challenge posed by the evil Villain, and saves his girl, inspired by his mother’s motivation and his brainy ways, and ultimately succeeds in love is what Raja the Great is all about .

Star Performance

Ravi Teja is back at his entertaining best , and this time around, he has daringly portrayed a different role as opposed to his usual punchline mouthing mass hero roles, and has very well succeeded in creating an impact, with his typical casual humor and action.

After Amma Naana O Tamil Ammayi, here’s a Ravi Teja film with some good mother sentiment sequences, and Radhika Sarathkumar nails it with her perfect portrayal of the protagonist’s mother. Her combination scenes with Ravi Teja are a treat to watch, as she not just adds sentimental values, but also complements him beautifully in humorous scenes. The pretty Mehreen is on a roll, as she impresses in Raja the Great as well, playing the damsel in distress with ease. While the antagonist Vivan Bhatena is cliched and stereotypical, with loud dialogues and a body language, making him look like a caricature, the talented veteran Prakashraj and Sampath are aptly cast and are adequate.

Techinical Team

Sai Karthik impresses with his background score that elevates heroism perfectly, and of his compositions, the title song, Naake Ne Nachesthunna, Chinnari appeal. Mohana Krishna’s Cinematography beautifully captures the hill station in all its glory, and makes the songs visually appealing besides also presenting the stunning stunt sequences in a believable way. Tammi Reddy’s taut editing makes sure Raja the Great doesn’t have a moment of lag in its crisp runtime.

After delivering double hits with debut Pataas and later with Sai Dharam Tej starrer Supreme, Anil Ravipudi is back this time collaborating with Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja for the first time and producer Dil Raju for the second time. Right from the teaser, trailer and promotional stills, Raja the Great promised loads of entertainment and indicated the return to form of Ravi Teja, and the movie has exactly did it.


Despite having a template script of a damsel in distress and a hero rescuing her, Anil Ravipudi brings in the much essential difference by making the hero a visually challenged person, and introducing sequences specially designed for his character, thus making the screenplay interesting and fresh, besides also lacing the screenplay with loads of Ravi Teja brand fun. Raja the Great is clearly Ravi Teja’s much needed big comeback,as Anil Ravipudi has perfectly exploited the potential of the Actor, presenting Ravi Teja at his best. Mehreen impresses yet again despite being a routine role, with her freshness, and the supporting cast lead by Radhika Sarathkumar are interestingly cast, helping the proceedings.
With good music and Cinematography proving to be assets to Raja the Great, the Director must be applauded for not placing over the top stunt sequences and making the stunts appealing, besides also avoiding unwarranted songs or unnecessary glam shows. With a near perfect screenplay and a crisp runtime, shouldered by the Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s striking screen presence, Raja the Great is a grand comeback for the actor, and a perfect hat-trick hit for the entertaining maker Anil Ravipudi.


FINAL REPORT: Raja the Great is a simple story of a hero saving a girl and winning her Love, but with the interesting angle of visual challenge of the hero, and Ravi Teja perfectly fitting the role , and Anil Ravipudi’s screenplay with loads of humor and innovative action sequences lifting the movie. Raja the Great is a winner for Dil Raju, and a hat-trick for Anil Ravipudi, and a perfect comeback for Ravi Teja.
7:33AM: A terrific sequence as Radhika warns the villain, ultimately leading to a final encounter between Ravi Teja and Villain. The film ends with Ravi Teja emerging victorious.
7:28AM: The proceedings lead to climax song Yenniyalo Yenniyalo.
7:23AM: A well choreographed climax fight , with ample doses of both action and comedy suiting the visually challenged Raja as well as feeding the comic abilities of Ravi Teja.
7:16AM: Raja the Great is moving towards the climax, with yet another action packed fight sequence.
7:11AM: Mehreen finally falls for Ravi Teja, and the proceedings lead to the pleasant Naake Ne Nachesthunna number, with the bubbly babe Raashi Khanna making a special appearance in the song.
7:06AM: Some hilarious comedy sequences involving the villain gang. Anil Ravipudi has made best usage of his knack for comedy, sprinkling generous doses of humor wherever possible.
7:02AM: Yet another interesting fight sequence at a village festival, followed by hero – villain confrontation sequences.
6:55AM: After comedy time, it’s now time for some family based emotional sequences, as actor Saikumar makes a surprise entry.
6:51AM: Time for the exciting Gunna Gunna Mamidi song involving Ravi Teja and 4 women.
6:47AM: Some hilarious scenes between Ravi Teja and Mehreen’s uncle, in the village.
6:41AM: Post interval, the movie shifts to the heroine’s village, after a stunning episode of Ravi Teja warning the main villain and his gang.
First Half: Raja the Great moves at a decent pace, establishing the characters and also strengthening the hero’s character without over the top scenes or fights and portraying him as a man of intelligence. The movie is perfectly laced with comedy and provides necessary humor angle before tension takes over in the interval portion.
6:30AM: Interestingly choreographed fight sequence matching the visually challenged condition of the hero . As Raja says Iam blind but Iam trained, Raja the Great breaks to interval.
6:28AM: A high octane fight sequence between Ravi Teja and the villain gang, as Raja the Great is moving towards the interval.
6:23AM: Tension prevails on screen as the villain’s gang finally finds the whereabouts of Mehreen and her current identity.
6:19AM: Back to the present day, and after a few more comic sequences, follows the peppy Allabe song featuring a bubbly, cute Mehreen shot in lovely locales of Darjeeling.
6:16AM: Raja the Great moves into a small flashback mode , with few childhood sequences of Raja, and Ravi Teja’s son Mahadhan playing young Ravi Teja on screen.
6:10AM: Some funny bank robbery episodes well written by Director Anil Ravipudi this they evoke laughter besides also sustaining interest.
6:05AM: Ravi Teja wishes to befriend Mehreen and follows her. Comedian Prudhvi gets introduced on screen, and some hilarious sequences involving Ravi Teja, Rajendra Prasad and Prudhvi follow.
6:02AM: Some funny sequences involving the family members, as supporting actress Annapoorna joins the scene.
5:58AM: Veteran Rajendra Prasad introduced on screen, along with female comedian Vidyullekha Raman who plays his daughter, few hilarious sequences follow after their entry.
5:53AM: Movie shifts location to the serene hill station Darjeeling, and few sequences involving the heroine Mehreen are played.
5:49AM: Few hilarious, fun filled sequences involving Raja and his mother Radhika Sarathkumar.
5:45AM: Veteran Radhika Sarathkumar plays a police constable, and she’s introduced as Raja’s mother, and they share a special bond.
5:39AM: Raja’s gang wins the kabaddi game in style, thanks to Raja’s intelligence despite his challenge, and the rocking title song Raja the Great ra comes on screen.
5:34AM: Comedians Ali, Bithri Satti and Raghu Babu are introduced. Stage is set for a terrific kabaddi sequence involving hero’s team and an opposing team.
5:29AM: Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja makes a stunning entry on screen as that visually challenged Raja. He’s accompanied by his friend played by comedian Srinivas Reddy.
5:22AM: A deadly chase and fight sequence ensues as Prakashraj has to save his daughter Mehreen’s life from the gangsters.
5:16AM: Introduction sequences for the evil villains, elevating the character of Prakashraj as a tough and honest cop who can’t stand injustice and is against the villains.
5:10AM: Heroine Mehreen is introduced as cop Prakashraj’s beloved daughter. Prakashraj gets posted to Bhuvanagiri, a place on high alert thanks to presence of dangerous rowdies.
5:04AM: Movie Begins. Raja the Great is a crisp 149 minutes long.
5:00AM: Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is back after a 2 year sabbatical post his last flick, the average Bengal Tiger (2015) , this time with the double hit director Anil Ravipudi (Pataas, Supreme fame), and his Bhadra producer Dil Raju. Let’s see if his new role of a visually challenged person, and his combination with the current hit heroine Mehreen works at the box office this Diwali.
Here’s the AP Herald’s exclusive first on net FDFS Live updates of  Raja the Great.